Maine State Police have released more information about the deaths of two people in Milford.

Where in Milford?

The Penobscot County Sheriff's Office reported on Thursday morning that they were called to an incident in Milford on Wednesday evening, as well as members of the Maine State Police. While the exact location of the incident has not been released, Penobscot County officials say it's near the County Road in Milford.

What's Going On?

Maine Department of Public Safety spokesperson Shannon Moss now says that members of the sheriff's office and Maine State Police conducted a well-being check at a Milford home at approximately 5:00 Wednesday evening. When they arrived, they found two deceased individuals and that their deaths appeared to be suspicious. The two bodies were transported to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Augusta where autopsies were conducted to confirm their identities and determine the cause of death.

What Were the Conclusions of the Autopsies?

Moss released an update on Friday afternoon, once the autopsies were concluded, and said the manner of both deaths has been ruled suicide. Because of this, the names of the deceased will not be released.

We'll update this story as more details become available. 

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