A woman who's listened to Q-106.5 for many, many years brought us a picture of her old pickup truck, pinstriped with our bumper stickers.

Cindy Boudreau had told me about her old red pickup with the bumper stickers, earlier this summer. I thought it sounded pretty cool, but I didn't expect that she'd bring a picture of the truck by the radio station. I'm so glad she did, though, because it's a pretty cool job.

Courtesy of Cindy Boudreau
Courtesy of Cindy Boudreau

She told me of going camping with her son, when he was young, and it reminded me of my upbringing, much of which was spent in the backseat of a station wagon, traveling around the country. I'm sure this picture holds a lot of wonderful memories for the Boudreau family. We're so glad they included our bumper stickers in their adventures.

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