A father who was standing with his daughter captured video of a pickup truck blowing past her stopped school bus, without even slowing down.

Chris McKay told Newscenter that he contacted the Franklin County Sheriff's Office, who copied the video, in hopes of identifying the owner of the truck. The Somerset County Sheriff's Office is also involved in the investigation.

The video slows down just before the pickup reaches the bus, and you can see that the yellow lights are flashing. While the video slows, it's clear that the driver does not, despite the fact that the bus is preparing to pick up children. McKay says it's a real problem where they live, on Route 2, near the intersection with Route 27. He says there have been several near-misses with kids crossing the road to get on or off the bus.

Passing a stopped school bus in Maine carries a potential $250 minimum fine for the first offense, and a mandatory 30-day suspension of the operator's driver's license for the second offense which occurs within 3 years of the first.

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