Who hasn’t heard of the show American Pickers? It’s been on for a couple of dozen years.

To recap the show hits the back roads from coast to coast in America and the Pickers restore ignored relics to their original condition and sell them.

You know, one person’s trash is another’s treasure.

Junkyards, basements, garages, barns and here they come to Maine in August.

Perfect for the Pickers show, Mainers can be quirky characters and have amazing stories. And don’t get me started on the number of old relics we have all over the state.

Maine is the History Channel.

The show is looking for large, rare collections and things they’ve never seen before. And just as important, and maybe even more important for the interesting story behind what you have.

American Pickers with permission
American Pickers with permission

FYI, Pickers only pick private collections. No stores or malls or flea markets or even museums. Nothing that is already public. In true pickers fashion, something you and only you have and the story behind the item, like only a true Mainer can tell.

Whatta ya got?

Here is the link to their Facebook page.

And you can email the show: AmericanPickers @ Cineflix.com

This is what they had in mind when 50 years ago the recycling movement started getting more popular. And not Grandmas antiquing. This is dumpster diving, but in the backwoods of America.

Welcome to Maine. Show ‘em what you got in your cellar.

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