Brewer City Officials will host a pedestrian safety forum this evening and encourage community members to attend and offer feedback.

It's a growing issue in our state, especially this time of year when the sun sits low in the sky and it gets darker earlier. But it's not a seasonal issue. By the end of October, 15 pedestrians had died from traffic-related causes in 2017. So the Maine Department of Transportation has joined forces with the Bicycle Coalition of Maine, and local municipalities to hold a series of forums, addressing the issue.

There are many reasons why these accidents happen. A lack of light-colored or reflective clothing on dark streets can spell disaster, as well as distracted driving. Environmental concerns, crosswalks in unexpected places, etc. These are all issues that may be discussed during the forums. Community members are encouraged to attend and bring their own concerns, as well as any suggestions for improving the safety of the Brewer streets. Is there a particular intersection that concerns you? They want to hear about it.

The forum gets underway at 6:00 tonight at the Brewer Auditorium. Everyone who attends will leave with some reflective safety gear and the satisfaction of knowing they've helped make Brewer's streets safer.

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