You’ve no doubt heard about the ‘creeping crisis’ in Paris, I’m sure.  They have had an invasion of bed bugs and the issue continues.

Some say it is only a matter of time before they invade America and Maine specifically.

Of course, bed bugs are nothing new in Maine, but these new ones don’t speak English. Bonjour.

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Bed bugs are already in every state in America, so who knows if they are the ones from the stories out of Paris about that city being infested and overrun with the bugs.

Do you know what to do if you see bed bugs?

Bugs inhabit areas where people sleep. In homes, hotels, shelters and dormitories. They often conceal themselves in mattress seams, box springs, behind bed frames and within gaps in the bed furniture.

But they can also be anywhere like in cars and airplanes.

They have remarkable resilience and can go weeks even months between feedings.

These flat, tiny parasites feed on human blood. They bite which leaves an itch.

Licensed pest control professional Zachary Smith of The Pets Dude advises to check for bed bugs in the following areas:

  • Mattresses: Examine folds, seams, and buttons. Check between the mattress and box spring and where the headboard meets the bed frame. Look for tiny blood stains on linens.
  • Box springs: Inspect inside and around them, including the batting, slats, and frame.
  • Headboards: Check cracks, crevices, and attachment points to bed frames or walls.
  • Nightstands and Electronics: Review areas around and inside nightstands, including devices like clocks, phones, TVs, and computers.
  • Textiles: Inspect quilts, blankets, bedspreads, and pillows near the bed.
  • Walls: Examine areas near the bed, behind faceplates, wood paneling, trim, and baseboards. Check between carpeting and baseboards and under carpet edges.
  • Furniture: Look in and around upholstered items, drapery, and joints of furniture like sofas and chairs.
  • Windows and Doors: Investigate gaps in molding, cracks in frames, and spaces beneath corner protectors.
  • Closets and Clutter: Examine clothing and cluttered areas such as piles of magazines, books, or papers.

In this rapidly evolving situation, awareness and timely action are our best defenses,

states Zachary Smith of The Pest Dude.

While bedbugs have always been a concern, their resilience and adaptability make it crucial for everyone to be informed and proactive.

Macro photo of a bed bug
John-Reynolds, ThinkStock

Sure, hope you can sleep comfortably tonight.

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