The parents of two boys who fell into the Androscoggin River say the older son is doing better and ask for the public's help locating their younger son who is still missing.

It's every parent's nightmare, taking children to a local playground, only to have two of them fall into a nearby river. But for Jason and Helena McFarland, it's the reality they've faced every day, since 10-year-old Maxim and 5-year-old Valerio ended up in the icy Androscoggin last week. Valerio fell in first and his big brother jumped in to try and save him. Luckily, first responders were able to pull the older boy out of the water. But Valerio has never been found.

At a press conference yesterday at Maine Medical Center, the McFarland's said that Maxim's condition is improving. He was able to meet the first responders who helped pull him from the water and get him safely to the hospital.

Now, they hope to find Valerio so they can give him a proper burial. The danger is that he could be swept out to sea before being located. A Facebook page has been set up by the family, to function as an information center for searchers. Anyone interested in looking for the boy is asked to first speak with the professional search parties at the scene, to coordinate their efforts. The last thing they want is to lose another person to the river.

According to the DEEMI Facebook page, Valerio was wearing a camouflage white and gray jacket, with a longer yellow shirt underneath, dark grey jeans, and dark blue leather shoes.

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