People collect "strange" things. Who among us doesn’t have something that others don’t understand? Sometimes our own spouses don’t "get it" when it comes to "stuff" we’d like to have.

How would you like to own a ski chair lift?

You can, and it’s something with a story you can brag about.

Here’s the story. Squaw Mountain opened for skiing in December 1963, with a T-bar to service four trails. By 1967, Big Squaw Mountain had installed the first chairlift. Those chairlifts allowed skiers to reach a new summit. Squaw became the second largest ski area in Maine.

Seventy-five of those chairlifts have been donated to Moosehead Outdoor Alliance. The alliance is putting them up for auction. All proceeds will go toward building and maintenance of mountain bike trails in Moosehead Lake Region for public use.

Yes, you can own a piece of Maine skiing history and raise funds for a great cause in such a beautiful area.

These are double ski chairlifts and are made of metal and wood. They are being sold as-is.

The auction will be online and begin Monday the 13th of December and close on Friday the 17th.  Here is the link to see the info.

Chairlifts will be picked up on January 8th at Big Squaw Mountain Resort in Greenville Junction.

Start considering where you’re going to display your historic chairlift.

A friend of mine has a barber chair in his man cave. No, he isn’t a barber. Truth be told, I had a footrest and the legs were made to look like a golfer. The third leg was a putter. Am I a golfer?  Never played a game in my life. I’ve seen Adirondack chairs made from hockey sticks.

So, See you online at the ski lift auction to help build mountain bike trails in the Moosehead Lake area.

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