The weather should be perfect for a Touch A Truck event happening this weekend. Both Saturday and Sunday in Orland, at Balsam Cove Campground, 286 Back Ridge Road.

The times are 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. both days. And the admission is free.

The event is hosted by the group Mainely Money Pits

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An it will be a fun way to put the ribbon on summer for kids and their families in Orland and the surrounding communities.


This Touch a Truck will be big enough to make it road trip worthy.

Hop in the car kiddos, we are going to see some trucks.  Lots of trucks.


Getty Images
Getty Images

Here are just some of the participants that are bringing trucks

  • Bucksport Fire Department and Bucksport Police Department.
  • Penobscot Fire will be bringing a brush truck
  • Maine State Police will be in and out depending on what they are called away to do.
  • Hancock County Sheriffs Department
  • The Maine Warden Service will be there with their Wall of Shame.
  • A 5 ton Army truck
  • Northern Light Medical Center will be there
  • Phil’s Towing
  • Bud’ Landscaping is bringing an escavator
  • Bangor Tractor, a tractor. Duh.
  • Northeast Agriculture will bring a giant water tanker tractor.
  • Central Maine Power with a bucket truck and also the Safety City display.
  • Taylor Rental has loaned a Dunk Tank.
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Getty Images

And if that isn't an amazing list organizers are working on even more. Food trucks and a bus are on the to be determined list.

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Spiderman will be there on Sunday.

A word of advice. Do not show this list to your kids if you are not planning to attend.  They will hound you all day tomorrow. And Sunday. All weekend. They'll picket with signs.

So be the hero parents and be a part of the fun.

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