I've always had a soft spot for the classics...

Yesterday, I was describing something to a co-worker and actually found myself using the phrase, "wicked stove-up". And I 100% meant it. My computer was making me other-worldly angry, and it seemed the only true way to describe what a piece of crap it was being. There's a reason old sayings stand the test of time.

Growing up in Maine, I've heard many folks say many different things to describe any given situation. And I feel like these days, we don't put nearly enough thought into the process. So I put it out on our Facebook page to get some help remembering the good ones from all of you folks.

You know it's funny when you're laughing half an hour later.

I'm still laughing my face off at some of the things that were shared. I wanted to know stuff your parents said or your grandparents. There was some really obscure stuff too, that I'd never heard. But that's what this was all about. I knew there had to be some hidden gems that were totally new to some folks.

Anyhow, you get the idea. And honestly, there was some absolute gold on the post that I just couldn't print here because of language, but for real, Mainers rule. I think our colorful use of bizarre old sayings is part of what makes us awesome, right? I say that we bring back all of these right now, chummy!!! Or I'll also accept Bub...


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Again, the fort is closed from November through April. Do not attempt to enter the interior of Fort Knox. Entering the fort during the closed months is trespassing, and very dangerous.

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