Old Town’s Hunter’s Breakfast will be very different this year.

One more thing Covid 19 is affecting. A very popular Hunters Breakfast that usually takes place on opening day of Hunting Season will have to change.

The Old Town Hunters Breakfast, which has been going on longer than almost all of us have been alive, will still be held, but it won’t be a sit down breakfast in the big tent at Riverfront Park.

Q106.5 won't be able to be there like we’ve been for years and years broadcasting live that morning. Nothing like having to start work at 4 a.m. on a Saturday. But it was a fun event. One doesn’t always eat when we do station appearances, so that being said you know we’ll miss it. Memories of scrambled eggs, and ham and pancakes and potatoes and beans will have to be just in our minds this year. Here’s hoping it’ll get back to the way it’s been for 70 years, next year.


This year the Old Town Rotary Club annual Hunter’s Breakfast will be a drive through event. You’ll pick up your food without leaving your car from 6 to 9 a.m., at The Old Town Elks Club on Fourth Street, Saturday the 31st. Cost is $5 per person.

There will also be a raffle of a gift certificate to the Old Town Trading Post.

Good luck to all this year.

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