An Old Town eatery that had reopened after a long break earlier this year has suddenly closed it's doors for good once again.

Johnny's Family Restaurant, located at the corner of Stillwater Avenue and Main Street in Old Town, announced it's closure on Facebook on Sunday.

In December, the iconic restaurant reopened its doors, reviving the local landmark eatery after years of being shuttered.  Despite it's closure, the community definitely felt the loss of this local dinner.  The quiet opening was met by delight from locals who were happy to have this nostalgic restaurant back up and running, during a pandemic no less.

After three months of being opened with a changes in hours of operation along the way, an announcement on Facebook on Sunday around noon stated that the restaurant has once again been fated to be permanently closed:

Comments to this intital post made people wonder if it was just for the day, which the restaurant had done during storms this year, or if the establishment was closed for good.

Looking at the 'About' section for the restaurant 'Permanently closed' appeared in it's hours section, clarifying that their closure is for good.

Six hours after the original post, the restaurant expanded to the message with a follow-up in the comments expressing gratitude for the communities support in getting the restaurant back up and running after it's initial closure:

Thank you everyone for your help and your support, I really very much appreciate it from my heart, and thanks a lot to all my employees and all my well wishers as well and specially to all my customers 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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