A Bangor restaurant that has run for decades is looking to close its doors next week.

As reported by WABI-TV5 yesterday, the owners of China Light are looking to retire.  And, that's pretty much all the information that there is.

China Light is known for its American-Chinese cuisine. It's where you can get any Chinese dish that you are used to getting with dine in, take out and delivery options.  They were a dependable choice for any day of the week with daily hours of at least 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Located at 581 Broadway in Bangor, it was prime on this busy street of the Queen City for your Chinese food take-out, with little competition along one of Bangor's most traveled roads.

The building is currently listed for sale on Caldwell Banker, has more than 1,100 square feet of space and was built in 1967 for residential use.  In 1981 was when it was last sold and China Light itself has been in business for at least 30 years.

And, on a personal note, so long to a restaurant that generations of Bangor area families grew to love and enjoy.  Here's what will be missed:

  • I don't care if the egg rolls changed a few years back, I still really liked them.
  • The Moo Goo Gai Pan that did not contain mushrooms- thank you.
  • The parking lot I was always nervous I would get stuck in but, always found taking a left onto Broadway was always way easier than I anticipated.
  • The sun-kissed photos of various dishes made at China Light that would greet you on the way into the restaurant and the food that I never actually saw all dressed up on a dinner plate... like in those pictures.
  • That delivery guy, yeah, you!  You're awesome.  We love you.
  • Thank you China Light family for decades of tasty Chinese cuisine!

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