Thanksgiving is next week. So if we haven’t already, we’ll be making a list and checking it twice. Consider an addition to that list for someone of the older generation.

If you are in the position to add just one gift to that list, here is a reminder of an often overlooked group of people who could use a simple inexpensive gift. Eastern Area Agency on Aging based in Brewer has put together a Wish List on Amazon. Simple. The items on the list are for the Durgin Center.

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The charitable in society think of kids and less fortunate families who just can’t take on the expense of gift-giving and the holidays in general. So we reach out and help needy kids and families in our community.   Don’t stop doing that.

Just one personal Christmas gift can help a less fortunate child feel special.  And help build self-esteem and positive thoughts and feelings.  And who could argue that isn’t a great thing in our society.

Seniors are often in the same boat. Lots are alone and families are gone or not part of their day-to-day living. So if you can find a senior to include in your gift-giving this year, that act will land with positive thoughts and vibes from those seniors. And they don’t need the latest most expensive technology. They love a jigsaw puzzle or a game of Scrabble. A simple arts and crafts project

Here is the link for Eastern Area Agency on Aging’s Amazon wish list for seniors that they deal with day-to-day. Nothing is more simple than that. Click and you’re done.

It’ll make a big difference this time of year for those often forgotten.

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