Although I like to workout at home, there's a pile of equipment that I'd like to have at my disposal to target other parts of the body, e.g., cycles, resistance machines, free weights, etcetera.  And there's only one place where I'll find the gear that I desire--the local gym. But not all gyms are created equal.

Shirley and I have decided that our home workouts are a bit on the boring side, so we are beginning the search this Saturday for a gym that's appropriate for both of us. And having had memberships at different places many years ago, I can tell you that I'm not ready for a gym that's packed full of young, muscle-headed gym rats who Bogart every piece of equipment for hours on end.These are the same guys who hover over you waiting for you to finish up. Jerks!

If you're in the same boat, there are a number of things to consider before you drop your cash and sign a contract. This video might help you out: