At the end of January, the Maine Center for Disease Control put out an advisory stating that flu had been reported in all 16 counties, so it's officially at "widespread" status. So, Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center is re-instituting some policies that it had in place during last year's flu season.

Starting today, the hospital will start screening people at its main entrance for flu-like symptoms. They're trying to stop folks with fever, cough or chills, and screen for people who are showing those symptoms, or who have been exposed to people with those symptoms. They will also allow just two visitors to see a patient at a single time, and will not allow visitors younger than 12.

While they are very aware of the inconveniences this can cause for some people, it's a necessary precaution to maintain the health of not only the patients, but also the staff. Keeping the staff healthy is just as important, so as not to interrupt the needs of people in the hospital, according to the Bangor Daily News.

So it may take a few more minutes to get where you're headed, but if you plan accordingly, it shouldn't really affect anyone too badly. And also, luckily, we're having a much quieter flu season so far this year, and these step the hospital are taking, are steps in the right direction.


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