The Newport Police Department put up a post on their Facebook page yesterday, looking for volunteers for a community project to help out the town's elderly. It's that time of year, where the snow is starting to melt, and the yard is starting to look scary, and sometimes older folks need a hand getting things cleared out. And on top of that, A lot of older folks just don't have yard cleanup in their budget.

So the fellas over at the NPD are hoping maybe you can help! Maybe you are super handy, and can fix a thing or two for some folks. Or maybe you have no skills at all, but like to get outdoors in the lovely spring weather, and could do some yard cleanup. It's all about the volunteers, and they're not going to turn anyone away.

If you live in the Newport area, and think this sounds like something you could help out with, call the Newport Police Department at 207-368-3263 and ask for Chief McDade. They would definitely love to hear from you, and the folks looking for a little help will pay you in more smiles and hugs than you can possibly imagine. And if that isn't worth it all on its own, I'm not sure what's wrong with you.

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