A New Sharon woman who was killed by her domestic partner last week is one of three victims of domestic violence homicide in the same family.

The bodies of Jessica and Robert Dapolito were discovered by police Monday morning, when they stopped by the couple's home for a well-being check. Autopsies revealed that Robert had shot Jessica first, and then turned the gun on himself. Now, WGME-TV reports, there's a family history of this kind of violence.

Jessica Dapolito's mother, Michelle Masse, was killed by her husband two years ago. 60-year-old Thomas Masse of Temple shot his wife, Michelle, and then fatally shot himself. Police say they went to the couple's home, just outside Farmington, when Thomas Masse called authorities to report that he planned to kill himself.

Robert Dapolito's brother, Patrick Dapolito, is currently serving a 55-year prison sentence after shooting his wife in the head in 2010. According to the BDN, Patrick originally told police the pair had been doing drugs the night before when the gun accidentally went off, but later claimed she was killed by drug dealers. Police, at the time, said it was the culmination of an abusive relationship. Kelly Winslow-Dapolito's body was found buried on property belonging to Dapolito's parents.

Anyone who is experiencing domestic abuse in their relationship is encouraged to reach out and get help. Resources are available to help you and your children have a safe and healthy life, free from your abuser. It starts with a phone call to the statewide domestic abuse helpline - 1.866.834.HELP (1-866-834-4357) or you can find resources in your community by calling 211. More information is available on the website for the Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence.

Maine State Police report 20 homicides in 2020, with 6 of those related to domestic violence. In 2019, Maine had 22 homicides, with 9 related to domestic violence homicide.

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