Augusta Police say a threat that some residents perceived to be aimed at Cony High School actually came from a community in New Mexico.

The issue revolves around a Snapchat post with a photo of a person holding a rifle, and captions stating 'F*** CHS. I'm going out with a bang,' and 'don't go to school tmrw,' according to the Police Department in Clovis, New Mexico. The Augusta, Maine Police Department started getting phone calls Monday night from concerned students and parents who thought 'CHS' was referring to Cony High School. In reality, it was meant for Clovis High School.

Clovis Police say the image was brought to their attention on April 5th and an investigation revealed that it was a 17-year-old male who had posted it. During an interview with police, the student finally admitted that he had posted the first portion of the message, but not the one that indicated students shouldn't go to school the next day. He was arrested and charged with aggravated assault on a school employee.

In Maine, Augusta Police say departments across the country, who have local schools with the initial CHS, have fielded similar calls of concern from local residents. Again, they want to reassure parents and students that the posting had nothing to do with Cony High/Middle School.

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