Photography is one of my creative outlets and I've found that my hometown of Orrington is one of my favorite subjects.

A few years ago I decided to splurge on myself (something I never do), and buy a nice digital camera. When my Canon Rebel t5 arrived, I couldn't wait to learn how to use it. Over the years, I've used it to capture memories of family gatherings and beloved pets. But some of my favorites are nature shots that I've taken around Orrington. And that aspect of my photography has turned out to be somewhat profitable too, through the Orrington Old Home Week's Photography Contest. I've entered it three times, and won a place in the town calendar each time. The past two years, I've placed in the top 3, which has netted me small cash prizes. I wanted to share my winning photos with you, and encourage anyone who thinks they'd enjoy photography to pursue it. Now that I've started, I can't imagine life without my camera.

Cindy Campbell's Photos of Orrington

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