Our new puppy Gifford wanted to send a note for National Puppy Day, to let everyone know how he's enjoying his new home. (I helped a little)

Hi! My name is Gifford and my human Mom says I'm 7 months old. When she and my human Dad first brought me home, I had all these little bugs (Mom called them fleas) crawling in my fur. It was gross! So they put me in a big tub of water to wash them off. I really didn't like it! But it sure felt better when the bugs were gone and I could relax. Ahhhhh!

I have a friend (Mom and Dad call her my 'sister'...but she really isn't 'cause she's OLD) named Lola that lives with us. She's beautiful! And I love playing with her, although she gets annoyed when I bite her neck. But then she nips me back and the fun is ON! We love playing outside in the white stuff (Dad calls it SNOW) and then going in for naps. And sometimes, we get to ride in the car and go to big fields where we can REALLY run. I LOVE that!

Mom put together this video of me to show how much I've grown. My legs have gotten SO long that sometimes I get tangled up in them. But I can run REALLY fast! I love my new home and my Mom and Dad and Lola. They give me lots to eat, including the ice cream that Mom says I was named for. I can't get enough of THAT! Happy Puppy Day!



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