Never in my life have I had a Margarita.  Never. Not even once.  Now this maybe too much information, but I haven’t had any alcoholic drink in many many years.  But even back to when the years when I did imbibe, over imbibe, never a Margarita.

So when I read that today is Margarita Day in America, Gee were we supposed to buy gifts for anyone, I thought to myself I don’t even know what’s in a margarita.

Of course I googled it.  The first 3 or 4 ‘recipes’ that showed up had contents that differed.   All have tequila and lime juice. The similarities end there. One has agave syrup. Next one has orange liqueur.  Then comes one with orange flavored triple sec.

Alright, I’m okay with mixing it up. See what I did there. Not all margarita have to be the same. Margarita drinkers must go with the flow, depending on who is making their drink.  Wonder how the bartender in Lady A’s song makes them. Or how about Luke Bryan’s One Margarita.  I used to think that margarita was spelled with an h in it, so I googled that and learned the original spelling was Marguerita

Eventually I will drive you to drink, if it hasn’t happened already.

If you wanted to go out for margaritas today, where would you go?  Let’s face it, bars are not the same as they were a year ago.  And is there a bar in the Bangor area that sells margaritas to go today. With curbside pickup.  Asking for a friend.

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