A woman who lost her Brewer High School Class of 1980 class ring in Nova Scotia in the 1990s is about to get it back, thanks to a joint effort.

The ring belongs to Cathy Bradstreet of Searsmont, who probably figured the ring was long gone. Little did she know that a man who worked at an Irving gas station in Glenholme, Nova Scotia was going to hang onto it for decades. Johnny Ward found the ring in a women's bathroom in the 1990s and tucked it behind the counter so, if anyone came looking for it, he'd have it. When he retired, he kind of forgot about the ring until his girlfriend found it and mentioned that someone might want it back. Ward turned it over to CTV Atlantic, where the story was covered by reporter Dan MacIntosh.

Cathy and I graduated together and, when I heard the story, got together with my classmates on Facebook to try and solve who the ring belonged to. The inscription sent us to another classmate, who assured us it wasn't her ring. So we started considering whether there might have been some wear on the ring that altered the three initials inside it. I suggested Cathy and we agreed it looked like she was the right person. But then, how do you find a classmate from 37 years ago? It took a little research but we found her and our class president contacted her. I chatted with Cathy on-air and she's very excited to get the ring back! There were some distinguishing factors that convinced her it really was hers, which you can hear in our interview from this morning.

Congratulations to Cathy for finding her long-lost ring and especially to Johnny Ward for his dedication in trying to find the owner. I'm not sure yet how she'll get the ring back, but however it happens, it's going to bring smiles to a lot of people who got caught up in the mystery of the class ring from Brewer!

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