Skunk Mating Season

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, it’s skunk mating season. It happens every year in mid February. I wish them the best and hope they find love. There’s only one problem with it. They become more active - and that can lead to them spraying. It’s especially an issue if they spray under your home or near your vehicle. That smell can linger for weeks, and even months. It happened to me once and it wasn't good. 

My Close Encounter with a Skunk.

A couple of years ago. A skunk got under my house and sprayed. I was coming home from work and started smelling it as I drove down my street. I didn’t know it was my house until I pulled in the driveway and got out of the car. It was awful. The stench lasted for weeks. 

The list of trouble that created for me was endless:

  • I came to the office the next day and stunk the place up before I left five minutes later (not on purpose. I was hoping it wasn't so bad - it was)
  • I had no clothes that I could wear
  • I gave my boss money to go to Wally World to buy me a shirt, shoes and jeans so I could go and buy more clothes
  • I had to stay at a motel for weeks before I could move back
  • I needed to replace a lot of daily necessities like a tooth brush and coffee maker

Since then, I have learned a great deal about skunks and their habits. Here are a few things to keep in mind. 

Do Skunks Hibernate?

No. They hunker down in the winter and can stay pretty docile during really cold temperatures. But, they do come out before and after frigid conditions and snowfall. They are even more active during mating season.

How to Prevent Skunks from Spraying Under Your Home

There’s no sure-fire method, but a few things to do. Block their access to under your house or porch. I used cinder blocks. Bricks don’t work because they are too light. I saw some bricks literally pushed aside when one determined skunk wanted in.

What are Good Skunk Repellents?

Moth balls do work. That comes from first hand experience. Put them under your house if you can. Just be careful about other animals. Placing mothballs in a ventilated plastic bottle is good too.  Other things to use are coffee grounds, citrus peels, bright lights and motion sensors that can keep skunks away and also get them to leave. Combining some of these methods is the most effective way to deter skunks.

Be Proactive to Stop Skunks

Plan ahead for sure. As soon as it’s warm enough, check the perimeter of your house, porch and shed. Block the holes that go under the structure. Use the cinder blocks or do some construction. Just remember, skunks can dig.

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