The countdown is on, the most romantic day of the year is coming. Remember if you are asked if Valentine’s Day is a real holiday, ask your wife. If she says yes, the answer is yes.

So on such a romantic day, plus it’s on the weekend this year, what do you think is the most romantic thing to drink on Valentine’s Day?  The poll from SWNS is here. This Valentine’s Day will be different of course because in the survey they assumed people are out on a date and ordering drinks.  That will not be happening as much this year as in the past, obviously. And a Zoom date isn’t the same. In the survey people were allowed to pick more than one answer. So if you are one of those nerds that adds up the percentage totals and questions why they don’t come out to 100%, you now know why.

First, guess what you think is number one romantic boozy beverage. When I guessed, my answer came in at #2.

On to the survey.

Red wine                 41%
Champagne             38%
White wine               37%
Rose                       29%
Wine cocktails         26%
Martinis                   19%
Beer                         19%
None of the above   16%
Vodka soda             14%
Gin and Tonic         14%

Toasting glasses
Ridofranz, ThinkStock

So are you drinking ‘Beer on a Champagne Night’ like Lady A. Or drinking wine, like all of the top 5 answers. Let me issue a Happy Valentine’s Wish here, and a fact that drinking all of the Top 10 drinks does cease to be classy, and a tap on the shoulder to be safe and not to drink and drive.

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