Admit it, you hate driving through there.

I know I do. I won't lie, driving through the area of Exit 182A headed south, makes me go semi-white knuckle every time I drive through there. Between the ambiguous lanes and the fact that no one on Earth yields anymore (more on that in a minute), it seems like a vehicular deathmatch every time.

The biggest issue here is the fact that the off-ramp comes after the on-ramp. So cars on one hand are trying to get up to speed to merge onto the highway, and other folks are slowing down to try and get off the highway. And on top of that, there are people in the passing lane just trying to stay out of the way. So then it's also hard for people to go into the other lane to let people on and off easier. It's an absolute nightmare.

The state police have recently committed to try and get on top of the issue.

We told just a couple of weeks ago, that Maine State Troopers are actively trying to get more involved with the constant lack of yielding on Maine's highways. But obviously, they can't be everywhere all the time. And while merging and yielding can be a problem anywhere, this particular stretch in the southbound lane is over the top.

I guarantee all of us that live around here have a story to tell about this spot. In fact, my friend Andy sent me a video link over the weekend of just such an event. A driver caught someone on their dashcam, who had actually yielded but then just decided to go out of nowhere. The person with the camera had to slam on their brakes and lay on the horn. How many times have you done the same thing in this spot? Check out the video:

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