Morgan Wallen has tugged at a lot of heartstrings with his new single "Thought You Should Know." Now, he's taking it a step further by including the inspiration behind the song in the music video: His mother, Lesli Wallen.

The video is deeply personal, just like the song. It opens with home footage of Wallen's second birthday party, held on May 13, 1995. You can hear a small crowd singing "Happy Birthday" as he sits, cradled in his mom's arms, smiling sheepishly at the camera.

The next cut shows a present day Wallen sitting on a stool in a sound studio, strumming his guitar. The lighting is soft and low as Wallen belts out the heartfelt tune in front of a moody, blueish-grey backdrop.

The video continues to cut between the "Whiskey Glasses" singer and footage from his childhood. Fans will be delighted to see Wallen hunting for eggs on Easter, playing violin and piano, riding in a wagon with his mother, and more. His father Tommy Wallen also makes an appearance.

Midway through the video, Lesli is seen sitting in the sound studio, watching her son sing the song he dedicated to her while the camera rolls. She mouths along with the lyrics. Eventually she gets up, walks toward Wallen and the two embrace as the video fades to black.

Wallen dedicated the song to Lesli just before he released it on Mother's Day. It serves as a thank you note to his mother for her selfless love and prayers throughout his life. It's a bit apologetic, but he assures her she would be proud of the man he is now. The tear-jerker was co-written with Miranda Lambert and Nicolle Galyon.

He shared the song on social media when he released it posting a note to his mom in the caption.

"This one’s for you mama. I know it didn’t always seem like those prayers were getting through. I Hope this song is a testament to the fact that they did," he writes. "Still your only damn son, Morgan."

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