Sometimes, Mother Nature does really weird stuff.

I don't fully understand how the Universe operates. Honestly, no one does. Mother Nature has this tendency to do whatever inspires her in the moment, regardless of how it may affect the rest of the world. Want a 70 degree day in November? No problem! But... it's gotta have 40mph winds with it, so you can't possibly enjoy it.

Then there are times when it seems like Nature is just out to do things that seem to defy logic. I've lost count of how many mosquitoes I've killed on war, January days at this point. And right now, withy the warm weather we just had, people all over social media are posting photos and asking why the heck there are so many moths right now?

The answer is hurtfully simple, and you'll hate it.

They're Winter Moths. That's why they're everywhere. This is their time to shine. They've been underground in the larvae stage for months, and now through January, whenever the weather gets reliably above freezing for a minute, the Winter Moth will come out to play. Or at least collect around the porch light.

Maine Forest Service
Maine Forest Service

They are an invasive species, so if you do see them around your house, the state would actually like to know about it. Here's a link to a short survey you can fill out to help the state monitor the Winter Moth population. At least they were a couple years ago. I'm sure they'll appreciate any help they can get monitoring the issue.

Maine Forest Service
Maine Forest Service

But, it's true. you're not alone in seeing these critters. And it's not a sign of global warming either. It's just a little brown, winged creature doing it's business: Eat, mate, die. Me too, moth. Meeee toooo.

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