There is nothing like summer in Maine. Upta camp.  The tranquil lake. The smell of pine. The chirping of the birds. A perfect day to get that kayak out of the shed and get it on the lake.

There is nothing like winter in Maine. The air is crisp. The snow is fresh. A perfect day to get that kayak out of the shed and participate in the Downhill Kayak Race.

True. The Downhill Kayak Race, with up to 100 participants, will take place next Saturday the 27th beginning at 6:30 p.m. at Lake George Regional Park West, on West Lake George Park Road in Skowhegan.

Imagine the fun of racing down the hill, in a kayak.  And for cash prizes. It does cost $20 per racer to participate, and you can get signed up here.  Here's the link to their Facebook page

Courtesy: Kathy Estes
Courtesy: Kathy Estes

Spectators admitted free, and must wear a face mask and be 6 feet socially distanced during the event. Or you can watch the event on Facebook Live.  They are asking that you only attend in person if you are with someone racing in the event. And only one spectator per racer.

This fun event is part of the Somerset Snowfest. They have many events daily beginning this Sunday the 21st. Find a list of the events here.

Once again Maine attitudes shine through and we jump into winter weather with both feet, embracing the great outdoors. After all, who said kayaks are only to be used in the summer months.

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