The Maine Warden Service has located a 66-year-old Merrill man, who had been missing since Monday.

Bryce Clark was last heard from, while in the Oakfield area. He told family and friends that his vehicle had broken down. A short time later, officials said it appeared that his cell phone was not in service. It was his cell phone, however, that helped searchers know where to look for him.

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This morning, Wardens reported that Bryce was located at about 8 o'clock Tuesday night, on a discontinued logging road. As he had told loved ones, his vehicle was disabled. Volunteer searchers hiked through 1/2 mile of mud before making voice contact with him, and hearing his small dog barking. When they reached the vehicle, they found Bryce barefoot, extremely dehydrated, and somewhat disoriented.

Wardens and volunteers cleared logs and brush off the road so a Jeep 4X4 could transport him to a waiting ambulance. He was taken to Houlton Regional Hospital, where he's reported to be in stable condition.


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