A child who was reported missing in Iowa was found safe in Maine and her mother has been arrested.

Where Was the Child Found?

Ames, Iowa Police say Avery Doherty, 6, of Ames, was found on February 14th, on Peaks Island, off the coast of Portland, Maine. She has been living on the island with her mother, Esther Bender, who allegedly took the child in October of last year. KCCI-TV reports the FBI got involved in early January because there had been no word from Avery or her mother.

Why Was the Mother Arrested?

Once police located the child and determined she was unharmed, Bender was taken into custody. Police say the 41-year-old is charged with violation of custodial order, which is a serious misdemeanor in the state of Iowa.

Who Do We Call If We Think We Can Help in the Investigation?

Anyone with information about this case is encouraged to contact the Ames Police Department at 515-239-5133 or the anonymous tip line at 515-239-5533. Tips can also be submitted online.

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