A missing Connecticut woman Maine police had been looking for since she was spotted at a Clinton store last weekend has been found.

Police had been looking for 31-year-old Kimberly Piccolo of Newtown since they found her asleep in a car outside Tradewind Market on Hinckley Road. She told them she fell asleep, and police said she appeared to be in good condition.

A Facebook post from the Clinton Police Department said officers had no reason to believe she was a missing person at the time so they let her go.

A possible sighting of the woman was reported in Houlton during the week, and police said she was likely in Sherman at some point as well. A confirmed sighting was reported in Bangor Wednesday after she ran out of gas and called AAA.

The post was updated Friday to say she had been located. It did not say where she was found.

Her family had said she left behind her anxiety medication and had been exhibiting strange behavior recently.

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