Miller Drug, a pharmacy that has been serving the people of Bangor for over 60 years, will officially solidify their partnership with Northern Light Health, and re-brand themselves as Northern Light Pharmacy. It's a move that's been coming for some time, as they've been part of the system since 2014 in a partnership with then, Eastern Maine Medical Center.

Customers won't really see any changes in day-to-day operations, besides the name change. Jeff Doran, vice president of clinical services for Northern Light Health, had this to say about the change in the Bangor Daily News:

We may be changing our name, but our customers will continue to receive the same quality service that they have come to expect.

However, it's not lost on the folks at Northern Light Health, as to the history that Miller Drug has in the Bangor area, and intends to honor the legacy that has been built around it. They will install a plaque at the State Street location, telling the history of the Miller's, and of the pharmacy itself.

So come January, prepare to see the same old drug store you know and love, under a different name. But don't worry yourself about it too much. You know what they say....sometimes the more things change, the more they stay the same.

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