Three men are facing charges after allegedly trying to steal a 25-foot shed by dragging it behind a pickup truck.

State Police received a call from a resident on May 20th, who told them that a shed had been stolen off a foreclosed property on Pork Street in Lebanon. The caller told them that three men had hooked the shed up to the back of a pickup truck and were currently dragging it down the road.

Troopers located the shed that was blocking half the roadway on Heath Road as the three men attempted to pull it down the street. A quick investigation determined that the caller was correct and the shed had been illegally taken from a foreclosed property.

The three men now face charges:

  • Matthew Thompson of Lebanon, Maine - Theft by Unauthorized Taking, Reckless Conduct, and Criminal Mischief. Crystal Meth and prescription pills were found on Thompson, who was also charged with Unlawful Possession of Schedule W Drug, and Unlawful Possession of Schedule Z Drug.
  • Timothy James of Pembroke, New Hampshire - charged with Theft by Unauthorized Taking, Reckless Conduct, Criminal Mischief.
  • Robert Breton of Milton, New Hampshire - Theft by Unauthorized Taking or Transfer, Reckless Conduct, and Criminal Mischief.

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