We are getting to know some Maine veterans as we get closer to Veterans Day next Thursday.

Today we learn a little bit about Bruce Handy.

His father was a Green Beret and did three tours of duty in Vietnam. So to say that Bruce grew up an Army brat is an understatement. His grandfather was also in the military, and so was an uncle.

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As a 10-year-old he already knew he wanted to give back to his country and serve. He was taught that

"Freedom is not free, and to not take anything for granted.”

Bruce enlisted when he was only 17, so his parents agree to him signing up. He was going to join the Marine Corps, but when he got to the enlisting office the person who would have done the paperwork was out to lunch. The recruiter from the Air Force asked him if he’d consider enlisting with them.

He did just that and was off to San Antonio, Texas for training.

From there Bruce toured the world. Turkey, Germany, Italy, California, Alaska, Washington, Korea, England.

He was a parachute technician, and performed many jumps, and served in Desert Storm.

After 20 years he retired. Asked what the biggest takeaway from serving was, and he said

“The realization to have goals, accomplish those goals, and follow your path. Give 110% always and don’t take the small things for granted”

Back at home, he met Joe Brasslett, the owner of Home Roofing Solutions, and when they got to know each other, Bruce was offered a job.

He joined as Field Manager and loves working for Home Roofing Solutions.

Bruce, we thank you for your service to our country. Thanks for sharing your story with me. And anyone who wants to learn the importance of structure in their lives, just talk with Bruce.

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