Beans, beans are good for your heart.

The more you eat, the more you ….

Ask a male of any age to complete that rhyme and they know it instantly. And truer words were never spoken. Beans are such a healthy benefit to our diets. I grew up in a home that on Saturday mornings as we were eating breakfast, mom was already soaking beans to put into the crock pot and bake. That would take all day. My memory is molasses and bacon with the beans in the beanpot. And, boy, was Saturday night a great meal with the homemade fresh beans and the brown bread that was baked in that oven, too.

Unfortunately this year, with "you know what" still messing up all our plans, the Mount Desert Island Historical Society’s annual baked bean supper has gone virtual.  Participants are encouraged to make their own dishes at home, with a new digital cookbook recipe.

You’ll get that cookbook and be able to participate in the evening of Thursday, January 28 event with a $10 ticket you can purchase here.

It will be a full evening of entertainment, even though it’ll be on Zoom and not at the MDI High School. The founder of the Historical Society’s Bean Supper, Dr. Bill Horner, will offer a humorous explanation of the gastronomical impact of consuming beans. And who knows, maybe he’ll use poetry to inform us of how good beans are for the heart. You can bet he'll tell us how good they make you feel, So eat your beans at every meal.

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