At this point, it's no big secret that MDI High School is all about doing whatever they can to lower their carbon footprint. Back in the fall, they went totally solar powered, and now they're keeping going with that same trend, thanks to a recent class action settlement with Volkswagen.

According to WABI - TV5, the high school received $280,000 in the Volkswagen emissions fraud settlement, and they've added a bit of their own money to cover the purchase of an electric powered school bus. The bus has a 120-130 mile range, and school has more than a few routes that accommodate that small limitation.

It'll still be a few more months til it gets here, so this school year will be just about done, but they'll have it all charged up and ready to go for students in the fall. I kinda have to wonder though, if it's as quite as electric cars are? I rode in a car once, and it was almost silent, except for the noise of the tires on the road.

At any rate, it's awesome for them, and students and faculty alike will probably be brimming with excitement, and seeing who gets to ride on the electric bus first. Heck, even I'd like to take a cruise around in that thing, just to say I did. And maybe, it'll set an example for other schools to try... we'll see...

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