Bangor Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 772 announces their great charity efforts are already underway.
Their ongoing MDA of Northern New England Fill The Boot event is coming up, and they are now at all of the concerts at Maine Savings Amphitheater collecting cash out front before the shows.
Bring cash. Spare change. A dollar bill or three.
This is an incredible cause and every donation is a donation to profoundly impact the lives of those affected by muscular dystrophy,
And hats off to all the members of the Bangor Professional Firefighters Local 772. Be proud, they consistently are a top contributor for all of New England. including New York and New Jersey. Number one in raising fund for Muscular Dystrophy Association.
Think of that, if you ever think how can a handful of change, or a dollar bill or two ever begin to help out.
It does. It really adds up. And it will continue to.
Every dollar raised represents a step towards a brighter future and renewed hope for those facing the challenge of M.D.  And to their families too.
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And yes, Maine Savings Amphitheater is indeed a cashless venue.   But the Firefighters have a way to donate with a scan, so even if you don't have 'cash', you can still help this great cause.
Thanks to the Firefighters for all they do.  When they are on duty.  And when they are off duty and making the community a better place to be.

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