I'm overwhelmed with how many of our listeners have responded with selfies wearing their masks.  Especially during this stressful, tough time. And I'm also amazed at how many Health Care workers responded when asked for photos.  Thank you.  For your selfies, and for the work you do day in and day out, now during these very crazy days, and everyday. We appreciate you. It must be stressful to think that you are working around something so scary.

Now on a lighter note.  Here's a selfie for you.  Paul Wolfe with his Crown Royal mask.

TownsquareMedia Bangor
TownsquareMedia Bangor

And here's a note I got from a listener, that didn't include a photo:

My Bra is Not a Face Mask!

My husband and my 8-year-old son went out to run an errand the other day (it was an emergency; I needed a prescription picked up) and they decided to throw together makeshift masks. My husband went with a bandanna-type deal but my son grabbed one of my bras out of the hamper and strapped it on his head, covering his nose and mouth with one of the cups! And my idiot husband didn’t even stop him because he found it funny. Am I right to be angry at the two of them?


Priceless. Thanks for all the photos.  I continue to scroll through the gallery of photos and think 'We're all in this together'.  Keep them coming here.

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