Lots of us are wearing masks in public as we try to stay safe from the new coronavirus out there that's pretty much turned everything upside down.

Some of us have very professional looking masks, some not so much. But they all have a purpose, and probably a history. Love to know why you have the mask you have if there's a story behind it.

Send us a selfie of you rocking your mask. We'll put them in a gallery right here so you can see all the different masks out there. Make sure the photo you submit is yours and you're fine with us publishing it.

Then, on Friday, May 1, we're going to give a random entry a $100 Amazon gift card.

Below is a handy graphic telling you how to send us a photo via our app.

Send Us Your Photo - Q

Easy, right?

If you don't have the app, you may enter using the form below. Also, if you don't have the free app, you really should get it. You can listen live to all your favorite country songs, plus keep up with all of us here at the station. Let's stay connected. Mask or no mask.

Here's a link to our general contest rules.

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