Manna is moving its meals and food pantry to a new location, beginning on Monday.

Where Will Manna Be Located Now?

I got a call from Bill Rae on Friday, letting me know about a change in Manna's routine. Starting on Monday, April 3rd, Manna's meals will be served at the Columbia Street Baptist Church in Bangor. The food pantry will be at that location, as well.

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Is This a Permanent Change?

While he didn't go into detail, Bill told me that this is a temporary change. We'll have to 'stay tuned' to find out what's next for Manna and its good works. But, starting Monday, people wishing to have a meal or pick up some food at the pantry will be entering the Columbia Street Baptist Church through the double doors to the left of the front entrance.

Are All the Resources from the Brick Church Moving?

Only Manna's meals and food pantry have moved to Columbia Street. That means that the Storehouse is still at the Brick Church on the corner of Union and Main Streets, with clothes and other items. And the public showers are still available at the Brick Church, as well.

When Bill lets us know what the next move will be for Manna, we'll be sure to pass it along.

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