A man who killed two young people in an Auburn apartment last year will spend the rest of his life in prison.

What Was the Sentence?

David 'Slim' Barnett was in court on Tuesday to be sentenced for the Auburn deaths of two people in 2022. As part of a plea deal, Barnett was given two life sentences, to be served concurrently, for two counts of knowing or intentional murder. A charge of possession of a firearm by a prohibited person was dismissed.

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Who Were the Victims?

The charges stem from the murders of Kelzie Caron of Auburn and Pierre Langlois of Meridan, Connecticut, both 21 years old, in Caron's home at 49 Fourth Street in Auburn. Police were called to the residence on June 19th of 2022 and found Caron and Langlois both deceased. WMTW-TV reports Caron's two young children were in the home when the couple was murdered. Langlois was the father of a 4-year-old child at the time of his death.

Where Was the Suspect Arrested?

David Barnett was taken into custody a few days later, in Rockville, Maryland. When he was arrested, he also had a nationwide warrant out of New York for a parole violation on a prior robbery charge. He addressed the court during his sentencing, saying he killed Caron and Langlois out of loyalty to a friend who he claims was threatened by one of the victims.

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