A Maine driver is facing charges in New Hampshire after allegedly fleeing from police at high speeds while under the influence of drugs.

The South Portland Man Faces Multiple Charges

Bert E. Clement, 28, of South Portland, Maine faces multiple charges in New Hampshire, including reckless conduct with a deadly weapon, aggravated driving under the influence of drugs, and disobeying an officer.

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Clement Was Involved in a High-Speed Pursuit with the New Hampshire Police

It was just before 9:30 Tuesday night when New Hampshire State Troopers learned of a vehicle that had fled from Epping Police Officers at a high rate of speed along Route 101 in Epping. Minutes later, a State Trooper saw the silver Honda Accord, traveling at a speed greater than 120 miles per hour along Route 101 in Exeter. The Trooper tried to pull the vehicle over, but the driver continued on Route 101.

Tire Deflation Devices Finally Forced a Stop

About three minutes later, additional Troopers were able to deploy tire deflation devices along Route 101, successfully deflating two tires on the Honda. However, this didn't stop the driver, and he continued onto I-95 in North Hampton, where the vehicle finally stopped. No one was hurt in this pursuit.

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Clement was taken into custody without incident and, when questioned by police, Troopers noticed that he was allegedly exhibiting indicators that he may have been under the influence of drugs. He was booked and released on bail to await an arraignment next month.

This incident remains under investigation. 

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