Saco Police say a man suspected of putting razor blades in pizza dough at Hannaford has been arrested in New Hampshire.

38-year-old Nicholas Mitchell was arrested by police in Dover, New Hampshire, after Saco Police issued a warrant for his arrest. On October 6th, a customer of Hannaford Supermarket in Saco returned a Portland Pie Pizza dough, purchased at the store, which contained razor blades inside the dough. A review of the store's security footage revealed a person who had tampered with the packaging of several Portland Pie Pizza doughs. Saco Police were able to identify the suspect as Mitchell, who is a former associate of the "It'll be Pizza" company, which manufactures products for Portland Pie.

A warrant was issued for his arrest, along with a description of Mitchell, and his Toyota Camry. He was arrested by police in Dover, New Hampshire on Sunday.

Police are still asking to hear from anyone who found razor blades inside their Portland Pie Pizza dough. Call Saco Police at 282-8216.

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