All I want for Christmas is…..Nothing really.

With expectations like that, one is never disappointed. First I’m like a lot of guys. Spoiled.  If I want something, even in the month of December, I don’t jot the item down on my Christmas list. I go and buy it.

But there is something I am going to give to myself.

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First, allow me to back up to this past spring when a lot of us were lining up at Cross Insurance Center to get the vaccine shot. Then again however more weeks it was for the second shot. At that time I wrote about the experience and the great job that was done by those workers. Organized and totally professional.  And nice too.  Here’s the link back to that.

So you have figured out what I’m thinking.  All I want for Christmas is the booster shot.

Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems that there was much more attention to getting the first two shots than to the booster shot effort. But maybe it is just me. I am not much for scouring Facebook. Television news broadcasts are not "must-see TV" to me. So maybe it’s only me that has my head in the sand and am the only one not being bombarded with "get your booster shot" messages.

Next is the decision as to where I am going to go to get the poke. Doc’s office, clinic, drug store?  But that’s only the details, not the important part. The important part is the decision to just "get it done."

Makes a lovely Christmas gift.

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