This is the year we need to send good positive thoughts to others that we encounter. We are all going through the same thing, just at different levels. Some people have a harder time dealing with what's going on. So, even from behind a mask, it might be nice to wish others a good day. ‘Have a nice day” might make their day. Who knows  But it won’t hurt.

With that in mind there is a website out there that tracks, a combination of weather and our reaction to it, coast to coast. So state by state you can look at data and through the poll determine not only which month of the year is the gloomiest for each state, but you can also narrow it down to the day of the selected month to predict the most miserable day of the year.

For the state of Maine, the day that is expected to be the rainiest, the coldest, and gloomiest is coming up.  And if right now you check the forecast, they might have nailed the day with their prediction this year. Look out Maine, this Saturday the 16th of January is predicted to be the Most Miserable Day of the Year.

In a lot of states, they have to wait until February for their ‘worst’ day. Citing Spring still feels far away, and the snow has turned from a pristine white to a sludgy grey, black color.

This Saturday the 16th I say Have a nice day, even if it is the most miserable day of the year in Maine. Anybody heard from Frankie McDonald this year?  Do you realize he's worth about a Million dollars in net worth, thanks to being a You Tube star. But that's another story for a less miserable day.

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