Wildlife officials expanded a weekend of free fishing, into a week.

You may have heard of free fishing weekends. Traditionally, the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife sets aside two weekends a year for Free Family Fishing Days. On these designated days anyone can fish in Maine waters without a license. One weekend is set during ice fishing season, and another during open water season.

Last weekend was a free fishing weekend, but folks haven't missed out yet. The privilege can be expanded into this weekend. According to MDIFW, Feb. 13-21 anyone can fish Maine waters without having to purchase a license. The Free Fishing License Week is open to both Maine residents, and non-residents. If your fishing license has been suspended or revoked, no free fishing for you. Those planning to fish during Free Fishing License Week without fishing licenses must register online. Ages 15 and younger do not need to register.

All other laws and regulations must be followed. Those regulations and bag limits can vary depending on the body of water you choose to fish. It's recommended that you read through the 2021 Maine Open Water and Ice Fishing Law Book. If you're new to ice fishing, MDIFW has put together a great beginners guide to ice fishing.

The Free Family Fishing Days for open water fishing are set for June 5 and 6.

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