First, mustard is not on the list. Can you mustard up a reason.

Before we go local, nationally the number one sauce that is googled is ketchup.  Number one in 24 states. This according to the study from Zippia.  Also highly googled in the Midwest and Northeast.  But that’s not #1 in Maine.

Barbecue sauce is tied at number two, but only leading 5 states. Interestingly, four of those states border each other. North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. Not far away, Delaware is the 5th state googling barbecue sauce the most.

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Tomato and spaghetti sauce also has 5 states with that being their most googled sauce. Massachusetts and New Hampshire are among the five.

Gravy is most googled in 4 states.

Worcestershire Sauce is most googled in Arkansas and Nevada. Tartar sauce most googled in Alaska where they have a lot of fish.

Also on the list, Cocktail sauce, mayonnaise, vinaigrette, tabasco, sriracha, ranch dressing, and fry sauce which is a combo of ketchup and mayo. Which Heinz marketed as Mayochup.


Maine’s most googled sauce is relish.  And here comes the season. Time to slather it all over hamburgers and hot dogs and whatever. No idea why it’s so googled only in Maine, too bad when you google that they don’t have the answer.   They do have an article by a relish lover though high on the list, and here’s the link.

After reading  the article you’ll find new love for relish and although lots of places no longer offer it, you just might jump back on the bandwagon and start using it more and more. Although if it’s #1 on the googled list in Maine, maybe that’s already happened.

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