Some Dad’s advice is very helpful for everyday of your life. Ashley shares:

“My dad taught me to always help others when I can and to always be kind. He taught me how to be independent and work on things like home projects and my car. He was my best friend and I miss him every day. “

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Some I hear delivered in a different tone. Like Amelia who says

“Always wear a helmet, you can’t afford to lose anymore brain cells”

Other wisdom from Dad didn’t have words. Jordan submitted

“One of the best pieces of advice from my Dad wasn't spoken to me; it was something I always observed. Being humble is a gift, and I'm so grateful to have learned this from him. My Dad served as a Colonel in the Army; he flew Black Hawk helicopters, and was the State Aviation Officer. He never spoke of his successes to others, nor took credit for his many accomplishments. He taught me that a truly genuine person does not need to brag of their accomplishments; instead they are satisfied with knowing they have done well."

Beth’s Dad told her family

“To the girls “never wear heels on the bus” and to my brother “happiness is a place not a destination”

And from Melody

“My dad and I fished every day we could, before work after work, he always told me if you need to feel better, go fishing, I will be by your side  He was my world.”

Alright back to the less sentimental stuff, I’m tearing up. Chad’s Dad’s Advice:

"Happy wife Happy life
Always  pee with the wind not against"

Kathi’s Dad said

"Check the oil !!"

Lorena submitted her Dad’s advice, something we all can use

“Never fry bacon in the nude."

On that note, Thank you for the many dozen entries.  The winner randomly selected to win the ‘That’s My Dad’ contest is Michelle.  Who said:

 "My dad has given me so much advise over the years! He is my BIGGEST supporter, When I am feeling like I am struggling he says"buck up" No time to give up! Success isn't given to those that give up at the little bumps!"
She wins,
  • A $50 gift certificate to Twin City Tire & Service in Brewer.
  • $50 to spend at W.A. Bean and Sons in Bangor, proudly serving quality meats from Maine since 1860.
  • A $75 Amazon gift Card
  • A 4 pack of passes to the Bar Harbor Sunset Nature Cruise
  • A pair of tickets to Beats & Eats next Saturday the 26th on the Bangor Waterfront

To all the Dads, Happy Father’s Day.  And to those who are gone, we hold you in our memories and thank you for your love.

Photo by, ssstep, ThinkStock
Photo by, ssstep, ThinkStock

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