Don't be a statistic. It's that time of year when dryer fires start to become more prevalent so make it a part of fall clean-up to ensure all vents and dryer parts are working well, unblocked and unrestricted.

The Eddington Fire Department put out a reminder this weekend that this is the time of year that home clothes dryer fires start ramping up. This risk continues and hits its peak in January, according to the fire department's Facebook Post.

Get a little more detailed with your fall clean-up with these tips from FEMA to avoid your house catching fire:

  • When you get a new dryer, have it installed by a professional. This could even mean having a professional take a look over if it's been a while since it has been installed. Either way, having someone with professional experience working with dryers is probably worth the relief you'll get after their visit.
  • Always use a dryer with its lint filter in place. No lint filter means great fire starting material is waiting to catch fire.
  • Clean the lint filter before and after each load. That clothing debris can really build up with just one load. Keep it clear, which keeps your home safer.
  • Check the back of the dryer for lint build-up.
  • Check behind the dryer to ensure the venting is not blocked back there.
  • Lastly, when using your dryer, the outdoor vent cover should be opening when the dryer is being used. Be careful that this vent is cleared, especially when the snow and ice build-up so that this vent does not get blocked, either.

Avoid fire risks in your home and stay warm and safe as the cooler temperatures continue to dip.

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